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How To Get The Most From Your Airport Limo Service

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If you need a ride to your flight you could take a cab or even drive yourself. However, you will find important benefits with a good airport limo service. Here are some helpful tips for making your trip a little easier and less hectic.

Book your limousine as far ahead of time as possible. This is the best way to insure that you will have a ride when you need it. Also, double check the time for your arrival and departure as you do not want to make any mistakes. This could cause you to miss a flight or you might be sitting around for a long time, waiting.

When you are booking your rental make sure to allow plenty of time to get to your flight. In fact, you should add at least thirty minutes to the recommendations of the airport. Also, you will need to add an hour if you are taking an international flight. It is always better to be an hour early than a few minutes too late.

After you book your transportation rental you will receive a confirmation number. Write this down and keep it with you while traveling. Place it where you can have easy access to it. This is vital information in case your ride does not show up or you cannot find the limo.

When you book your limousine rental be sure to include your cell phone number. Some people forget to add this important bit of information, and it can save you a lot of headaches. For example, you and the driver may not be able to connect in the terminal. This way, the driver can call your cell phone and everything will be fine.

Talk to your limousine company about where you need to meet your driver when you return. This can save you all kinds of time and frustration. For example, drivers are not allowed to pass the security area, so you may need to meet them at the baggage claim area. However, not all airports are the same and some have places for limousines to sit and park, right outside of the terminals. In fact, you may be able to arrange to picked up at curbside, but you need to check with the rental company first.

Remember to turn your cell phone on as soon as the pilot says you can. This way you will not forget after you leave the plane. After all, it does no good for someone to contact you if all they get is a voice mail message.

If you are traveling with connecting flights, keep track of the times. For instance, you might be delayed coming back, and the rental company will need to know about this. That can keep you from missing your ride home, and you can make arrangements to be picked up at a later time. Also, inquire about meet and greet services. This is very convenient as someone will be there at your arrival gate and escort you to baggage claim. This person will then contact your ride, so your driver can meet you at the curb.