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A limo or a party bus is an ideal vehicle during parties and other special occasions. These vehicles are not only convenient and impressive. They are also safe in bringing people from point A to point B, no matter what time of day it is. It is vital to rent the right type of vehicle for your event. Below are some pointers in making the right choice:

  1. Discussing the details. Reliable limo rental companies would want to know everything about the event so that they could match the vehicle’s decorations to the décor of the gathering. There are even limo rental companies that have event specializations. These companies have a set concept of possible rental hours you may need, the actual distance expected, and the number of people they could be seating in the vehicle. It is best to have an estimate of these aspects to leave enough room for adjustments.

  2. Making reservations. In this aspect of renting limos, it is best to reserve the vehicle of choice about a month ahead. A week before your event, make sure to call and confirm your rental vehicle. For huge events such as weddings, it’s important to reserve the vehicle a year in advance.

  3. Selecting the vehicle. Erase any expectations you have on the type of vehicle you want to rent specifically. It is best to go to the rental company and check out its fleet of vehicles. If you know the specifics of your event, then you can decide more quickly on what type of vehicle to rent.

  4. Choosing refreshments. In every limo or party bus rental, beverages and food are a staple. Be sure to clarify the regulations and choices of drinks and snacks. This way, you can be sure to have happy riders on your way to the event.

  5. Finalizing your route. Visualize your itinerary. Are you planning on having some site-seeing stops or do you just want to go straight from point A to point B? Discuss this well with the limo company you choose so as not to waste any travel time and to find out how much fuel the vehicle needs.

  6. Comprehending the rental prices. Every limo rental company has a set structure for fees (flat rate or an hourly rate). This means that prices of limo rental companies vary. Do your homework in knowing and understanding associated expenses such as surcharges and fuel prices. Be sure to ask if the company has promos for large groups or special features on significant dates.

  7. Setting your custom music. There are limo rental companies that have satellite radio or plain radio music available. If you want to have your own mix, you can compile it in your CD or iPod and talk to the company about it.

  8. Tipping your chauffeur. Custom dictates that you tip your driver about 18% to 20% of the base rate. Take note that there are some limo rental companies that add the tip automatically to the set price. Others leave the tipping duty to the customer.

Establishing good channels of communication with your choice of limo rental company can make your travel smoother, safer, and more memorable. Know what you want and do your homework. Being responsible is key to having a great limo experience for your upcoming event.