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Hire a Buffalo Limousine Service

Proper Etiquette to have when you Hire a Buffalo Limousine Service.

A red-letter event in Buffalo is coming, and you want to make it extra special by renting a limousine. Riding a limo to the venue will give more comfort and more glamour to your journey. It will also turn heads at your arrival. But before you dial the number of the Buffalo limo service you chose, take note of the following pointers:

• Let the limo service know about your request ahead of time.

It is always important that you let the limo company know about the time and date of your reservation. Also let them know the number of people you have in your party. Tell them know if you want a non-smoking limo or not. Also inform them if there are any stops you want to make during the trip. The chauffeur will help you with any luggage you have as well.

• Remember your manners.

A limousine is not a playpen, even if it is a luxury vehicle with all the comfort you want. Never use illegal drugs, perform horseplay, scream, curse, or get drunk while you are in the vehicle. Take note that you rented the limo, so be responsible with it. Most importantly, always be kind and respectful toward your chauffeur.

• Know about the seating of the limo.

The “VIP” of your party is the one who paid for the limousine rental. The one who sits at the back right of the limo is the VIP because that is the power seat. As soon as you enter the limo, sit down immediately, then slide down, so that other people in your party won’t meet your rear-end too closely.

• Wait your turn to exit.

Always remain seated until the door is opened for you. The chauffeur is meant to help you do so. The very last person who entered the limo should be the first to leave. As you leave the limo, see if there are any debris or damage left behind by your party. Getting a limo is a way to pamper yourself and your friends.

Always be grateful to your chauffeur for the experience. Don’t forget to tip by the end of your rental.