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A Ride in the Clouds

If you're in the mood for doing a little tourism in Buffalo, New York, there are some wonderful places that you can visit. However, don't rent a car, rent a limousine instead. Take a ride around Buffalo in style and don’t worry about the traffic. Once you have your limo, one of the places that is recommended is the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. This wonderful gallery was started in 1862 as the Buffalo Fine Arts Academy. The gallery is now hailed as one of the best contemporary art galleries in the U.S. The gallery focuses on masterworks from multiple artists that hale from the 20th and 21st century. You might also stop and see the Darwin D Martin house. This beautiful building was built by Frank Lloyd Wright in the first decade of the 20th century.


Once you're out and about, ask the limo driver what the best places are to visit. I'm sure he's got some ideas, one of which will probably be the Buffalo Zoological Gardens. This zoological attraction is one of the oldest in the country, haven't been opened in 1975. There were some major changes in 2002 that brought other areas to the foreground like the Arctic Edge, African attractions, and Highland zones. This was done so visitors could see everything from great wolfs, lions, and even a very rare polar bear. While the rest of the sites are popular, the Siberian tiger exhibit is one that people tend to love and of course many of the other attractions are never far away.


Let's not forget the Niagara Wine Trail. This trail encompasses three counties and multiple vineyards. It is a wonderful area is between Lake Ontario and the hills in northern New York State. This makes a beautiful addition to any limo ride. There are so many sites in Buffalo and the surrounding areas, but don't fight the traffic. Make sure that you get your limo booked before you get to town. This will assure that you can be certain to have a wonderful ride, while seeing some extraordinary sights. Never having to touch the steering wheel, you can just kick back and relax. A limo is a way to go, it doesn't matter what you doing. So miss the Buffalo, New York traffic, take a limo ride, and enjoy yourself.