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How to Hire a Limousine

People’s reasons for hiring a limousine vary but they usually include weddings or other formal occasions like proms, bachelor/bachelorette parties, a group of friends or family going out clubbing, or an important business function or client. It might even be to impress a date or simply to get to the airport in style and on time.


The benefits of hiring a limo.


a)      It’s fun and convenient.

b)      You don’t have to drive or park yourself, which is great if you don’t know the city or want to drink but not drive.

c)      The luxury is nice! And, it impresses people.

d)     It’s often cheaper than taking (and parking) lots of people in separate cars to an event.


How to hire a limo.


a)      Do some planning and reserve it as soon as possible. For weddings, you should book at least 6 months ahead and when prom season comes around, book as far ahead as possible or you’ll be disappointed.


b)      Decide on the style and size required for your outing. Do you want a standard limo or one with all the amenities and how big does it have to be for the number of people riding with you?


c)      Be sure to check the company’s safety record and the insurance cover they carry. It’s also a good idea to ask about the chauffeurs – how are they screened? Do they know the area you’re going to?


d)     How much can you afford? Ask if the company has special package rates for weddings, proms, an evening’s clubbing or a football game, etc. Some companies have different rates for an hour than for a whole day or evening. Ask if there are charges for extras and if the tip for the chauffeur is covered in the price.


e)      Signing the contract – make sure it contains all the details for your trip or event like the pick-up time and location, the number of people in your party, the model and make of the limo, your complete itinerary, the agreed price and any extras.


f)       Put down a deposit. You usually have to pay a deposit when you book the limo, ask how much it is and will it be refunded if the event or trip is canceled. Ask about the company’s cancellation policy and any cancellation deadlines.


We see movie stars and other important people getting into or out of their limos and lots of us would like to experience that style, luxury and sophistication too. So maybe the next time you’re planning a trip or going to an event with several or lots of your friends, think about hiring a limo. You only live once!