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Let Someone Else Do the Driving

If you have business in Buffalo NY and don’t know the city or live there and want a night on the town in style, call The Limousine Service and let one of our drivers take the strain out of getting around.

Limos aren’t just for weddings.

Use them for making a real impression on a client or a girl/boyfriend. Have a cozy or noisy party with 8-40 of your best friends in our “party bus”. What about a bachelor or bachelorette party; you can rely on our drivers so everyone can have the champagne (except the driver, of course!). You can even dance, have a laser light show or get comfy and watch your favorite TV show on the way to or from the party venue.

If you’re in town on business with your partner, you go to your meeting in style and they can spend the rest of the day visiting the various landmarks around Buffalo. They could go see the seven Frank Lloyd Wright buildings or the Albright-Knox Art Gallery which has paintings by Andy Warhol, among many others, or wander among the open-air cafes, the farmers market stalls and independent shops, coffee houses and pubs. Or, what about taking the whole family to see Niagara Falls – they’re beautiful even in winter.

If you need to meet up with a client or business colleague from Canada, that’s possible too. We can drive you there, wait for you and drive you back to Buffalo or pick them up in Canada so you can spend the day together. We could even work out a plan so you could tour the wine country of western New York State with wine tastings as you go along and never a worry about DUI.

One last idea for why you should call The Limousine Service while you’re in Buffalo – football, baseball orhockey games! Take all your friends to see the Bills, the Bisons or the Sabres in style in the party bus. You don’t have to worry about how to get through all that traffic going to the game, where to park or who the designated driver is going to be. We’ve got you covered.

With the motto “Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime” you can go where you need to be or go wherever the mood takes you in safety, comfort, and style.