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When Renting a Limo Makes Sense

Every single year thousands of young people anticipate an annual event know across the country as Prom! Fancy clothes, make-up, pictures and grand plans fly around teenage households culminating in the ultimate request for a limo rental in Buffalo. It is the moment many parents dread but in truth it may be the best decision you could make for the young person in your life.


Perhaps the best reason to hire a limo in Buffalo  for prom  is safety. It may be stereotypical, but too often there is a bit more than ice in the punch bowl and while your angel might not partake, the driver to prom just might. When you hire a professional driver and limo you assure that all youths in your party arrive safe to prom and back home again.

Even if no one is drinking, teenagers are often not the best drivers on the roads particularly when you get a group of them together. Having an experienced driver behind the wheel when a group of excited young people need to be transported is one thing that will make parents rest easier on prom night.


Safety is only one aspect of the limo rental in Buffalo argument. High schoolers usually attend prom once during their school career, arriving in style from the tux, ball gown and vehicle is something they will never forget.


The first thing you should know about hiring a limo for prom is to plan and arrange early. Remember you are not the only parent weighing this option and the longer you wait the bigger the risk that there will not be a car and driver available.

Once you have narrowed your search down to a couple different companies you want to be sure to ask the right questions. Here are just a few that should be at the top of your list:

·       Cancellation policy- anything can happen to alter your plans for prom so you should know your options.

·       What vehicles do they offer- Stretch limo, hummer style etc

·       Attire- How will the driver be dressed (yes you should ask)

·       Insurance- what type of insurance does the company carry?

·       Safety Rating- you may need to check with a local agency that governs chauffeured vehicles for this information

·       Cost- per hour or per mile

·       Numbers- how many people can you have in your party. 

Prom night should be magical for teens but can be a headache for parents. Why not attempt to fix both issues with one swipe by renting a limo and driver this year?