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4 of the Most Common Limo Company Mistakes - Get ahead of the Competition!


 Companies sometimes make mistakes. Here are 4 mistakes to avoid when owning or running a limo service! Get ahead of your competition and don't let these mistakes make you look incompetent or drive your customers away.

1: Web Based Email Accounts!

You've spent thousands of dollars on advertisements, business cards, brochures, and countless other things. If you have a Gmail account for your companies email, that just looks bad! Do not be that business. You can't expect high-class clientele to take you seriously if you don't have a proper business email account. It's an extra $15. Spend it. It really doesn't take much to link a professional email to your domain. 

2: No Busy Signals!  

First impressions are crucial in business. Even if your company is a small one, don't let a customer calling your company hear a busy signal when they call! Even if you're fielding calls with a cell phone, take the time and set up a company voicemail. You're a professional! Better still is having a company business line! When a customer hears a busy signal, all it says is that you're incapable of enough business to warrant having a company phone. 

3: Social Media Meltdown

There's nothing wrong with using social media to advertise your business, but keep it a business account! Too often, we see company accounts that have the owner’s personal or political or even religious beliefs marring the pages. This is not only bad for business but can be very damaging. Keep it professional and keep your personal opinions on a personal page or to yourself!

4: Don't Confuse Your Customers

If your company branding is inconsistent, you not only look sloppy, but unprofessional. You should choose a marketing technique and stick to its message. Mixed messages aren't going to do you any favors. You also want to make sure that you hold to your company name. If you're "Limo Service XYZ" on social media, brochures, and business cards, when you answer the phone you need to say exactly that. Don't answer your phone, "L.S. XYZ". Either abbreviate or don't abbreviate. Doing both can be confusing.