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Fun Bachelorette Party Limo Ideas And Games

Fun Bachelorette Party Limo Ideas And Games

If you are throwing a special party for a friend, a limousine can be the perfect form of transportation. However, there may be times during the ride when little is happening, and this lull can sometimes be a bit awkward. Here are some helpful ideas for things you can do to make a bachelorette party limo ride, a little more interesting.

No more - for this game, all participants receive a piece of paper and pen. Each person writes down what they will no longer do again, after being married. One person collects all the papers and then reads them aloud. Whoever guesses the author of each paper receives a prize.

Truth or dare - it begins with one person asking another if they want "truth or dare". If they answer "truth" they have to tell a truthful answer to an intimate question. If the person chooses "dare" they must accept a dare that can be done in the car.

Truth or dare can start out calm and quickly become all engrossing. For instance, it takes a great deal of imagination to come up with a difficult dare inside a luxury limo. Plus, some of the information that comes out can be very revealing and entertaining.

Guessing game - the maid of honor brings an assortment of items in a case or bag. One item is placed in a bag and given to the first participant. This person must keep her eyes closed while reaching inside the bag. She then must be able to determine what it is, by simply feeling it.

When playing the guessing game, the maid of honor should be very creative in choosing game pieces. For example, she may want to include some adult novelty items or baby things. The only limit on a game like this is the imagination.

Trivia - this is a very popular game because almost everyone loves to be challenged. You can make the game about any kind of trivia you like. For instance, it could be about a favorite TV show or celebrity. One person needs to operate the game and ask each participant trivia questions. The one with the most right answers wins a prize.

If you want to liven up your trivia game, don't give out prizes. Instead, when someone answers wrong they have to take on a challenge. It could be taking a drink or some silly task and the more ridiculous the task, the more interesting it may become.

Letter omission game - this game works best when you set a time limit. It could be for several minutes or for the entire limo ride. Decide on one letter which cannot be pronounced in any word, and everyone must leave it out. For example, if the letter is "w" the word, "work" has to be pronounced "ork" and so on. Anyone violating the rule must pay a penalty. Games can help to make your limo ride interesting and fun and when you choose the right limo service, you can be assured of a successful bachelorette party.